Rumours of monorail decision

Save Fiordland expects the long-awaited decision on the Fiordland monorail to be announced within the week.

In December, Conservation Minister Nick Smith expressed concern over the project’s financial viability and requested consultant assessments and departmental advice on the concept. These were completed a number of months ago.

Save Fiordland chairman Bill Jarvie said conservation and recreational groups had decried both the proposal and the Department of Conservation for
allowing it to get so far through the concession process.

“The wider tourism industry has been far from supportive of the concept, considering it both inappropriate and seriously flawed,” he said.

Save Fiordland’s petition to Parliament had grown by a further 2000 signatures since it was presented two months ago, Mr Jarvie said.

A spokesperson for Dr Smith said on Monday that they were not aware of an imminent decision.


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